Roughly over a year from their last release, Sweden’s superlative sludge & doom band Monolord are back at it with the release of, “Vænir” via none other than Riding Easy Records.

There’s a lot of hype brewing over for the three piece over the blogosphere. The Obelisk praised Monolord’s musicianship saying, “There is a large difference between those who worship heaviness and those engaged in building their own temple of it, and to Monolord‘s credit, they seem engaged in the latter.” The Sludgelord went on to predict this would potentially be the #1 sludge album released in 2015.

Tracks “We Will Burn” and “Cursing The One” combine for up to 16 minutes of swamped out wholesome obliteration. Their atmospheric vocals are both mind-bending and twisted. It’s a triumphant ode to the swaying mood of gloom and misery entailed therein. Production wise, guitars thump hard and densely, but with more subtle movement than Empress Rising. The temper of modulating effects are still kept to to a bare minimum judging from the two singles when compared to their live sound which can wail a bit more psych than dry stoner at times. Either way, there’s an ungodly amount of distorted destruction to keep you and your head truckin’.

Enough of what I have to say about it, give it a quick soundcheck yourself down below, and decide fast because there are less than 50 purple left available.

Artwork Hand Selected by Riding Easy Records: check out Instagram @julioart
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Please Note: Opaque Blue /100, Die Hard /75  Test Press /35 are all sold out.

P.S. Fuck Yeah Sweden!
P.P.S We’re still not 100% sure if the opaque purple will necessarily be marbled like in the photo.

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Your favorite doom band from Sweden has a killer new record coming out April 28th. This is a double LP, with insert, and some super bad ass colors to be had.
The release date is April 28th, and all orders will start to ship by that date in the order they are received.
Test Press – Limited to 35 Extra Nice Cover with YOUR NAME written on the labels (limited to 1 per person)- $85
Die Hard – Limited to 75 on Clear with alternate cover hand numbered stamped etc.(limited to 2 per person) $60
100 – Opaque Blue – $24.99
200 Opaque Purple – $24.99
Black Vinyl – $22.99
Black Vinyl and CD – $27
CD – $8

Price $24.99

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