In the words of Bob Dylan, let Germany brew your beer, let Ireland whip up your Shephard’s Pie, let America build your car and let Sweden compose your doom metal.

I can picture that kid from Gummo jamming to Monolord on his walkmen while searching for stray cats to kill.  Five tracks of snowpocalyptic perfection clocking in at 50 minutes.  See you in hell.


There’s also a contest for anyone who preorders:

One person will win a copy of ALL colors and versions pressed as well any special packaging, this is limited to people who buy a pre-order only and limited to 100 so you have a shot.  For each copy you buy, this counts as an entry.

The Details


Monolord – Empress Rising double LP and Gatefold is gaining so much hype that in order to make sure we have enough copies for all those who want to get in on what some are calling “Doom Record Of The YEAR” we have decided to put up the Pre-Order up now.
The official release date for the LP is April 1, we expect to have copies the second week of March and will begin shipping as soon as they come in.
The pre-order color will be WHITE and limited to 100 copies at a special pre-order price of only $24.
There will never be another pressing of this color.
All purchases get shipped in the order they were received and you never know what kind of extra goodies may be inside.

Price $24

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