RIYL: Butthole Surfers, Nirvana, Tool, Mike Patton

Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records

We all know at least a few Melvins tracks.  We all know why they’re revered among rock purists.  Oft considered as an essential piece to the burgeoning proto grunge scene before it exploded through every TV set throughout middle America, Melvins did it their way…and still do.  Still touring and making records over 30 years later, it’s hard to knock a band like this one.

Honky was the testing ground for the fans if there ever was one.  1993-1996 was when Melvins went supersonic, more or less, with a major label deal and music videos and the whole shebang.  The follow-up to the monumental Stag album, Honky was released with a very mixed critical response, puzzling even the most hardcore of their fanbase.  A mix of brooding, atmospheric drone and experimental noise, Honky said very loudly and very clearly that Buzz and the boys weren’t going to be pigeonholed or classified.  And thank God for that.  Grunge in 1997?  No f-ing thanks.  20 years in hindsight and this once-despised full-length has won the test of time.  Listen to the whole thing below and tell me this isn’t one of the best and most forward-thinking albums in Melvins’ discography.

So now to the good stuff.  Amphetamine Reptile Records, known for their deluxe gourmet vinyl treatments, are giving Honky the reissue that it deserves and they aren’t taking any shortcuts.  At noon CST today, the first variant will be released, a white screenprinted variant with splatter vinyl limited to 200 copies.  No price has been mentioned yet, but the go-to rate is usually $50.  Despite the high price tag, those will go quick!  NEXT Sunday, February 10 at noon CST, they will release the other three variants, a pink valentine edition, a black edition and a glow-in-the-dark edition.  Each of those will be limited to 100 copies only and they will sell out in minutes, if not quicker.  Check out the photos of each variant below.

The Details

Here’s the scoop on Melvins Honky reissue. This Sunday at noon (Feb. 3) we’ll cut loose with the first of the fancy silk screened edition (‘white on white’ Edition of 200) and a small batch of numbered sets.
The following Sunday we’ll be releasing the other 3 editions.
Cheapie CD version will get cut loose this Sunday as well! There will be a more affordable factory sleeve edition in 4-8 weeks so if that’s you’re cuppa just skip these editions.

Additional Images

Price $50

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