45 minute album.  1 track.  Metal.  If your band makes a record that empowers all 3 of these key ingredients, your album will inevitably be compared to Sleep’s Dopesmoker.

That’s not a bad thing.  It’s a f-ing awesome thing.  The world contains many awesome things (Exhibit A), but sadly, the 1-track metal albums are an endangered species…and what a species they are.

Inter Arma swings an eclectic ax.  They have materialized a hybrid of sludge metal, folk, prog rock and perhaps a hefty supply of the sativa strain.  Take the journey in its entirety for a limited time HERE.

The Details

***Exclusively available through Relapse.com***
***Mailorder exclusive on coke bottle green vinyl limited to 300. Includes a free digital download of the entire album***

Price $16.99

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