RIYL: The Fairport Convention on hard drugs

Label: Sub Pop

Sub Pop describes their newest signees as “Pastoral Pummel”.  Heron Oblivion is an unlikely pairing.  Ax-wielders Ethan Miller and Noel Von Harmonson of the legendary Comets on Fire have teamed up with the ethereal Meg Baird, lead singer of Philly town’s Espers. The result sounds like Joan Baez ditched Dylan and found the nearest pack of amphetamine-popping proto-metalheads to back her.  The polarity between Meg’s tranquil vocal delivery and Ethan & Noel’s blistering electric accompaniment makes for a unique and welcoming addition to the burgeoning neo-psychedelic movement of the past few years.

Sub Pop, per usual, has your ‘Loser Edition’ vinyl variants after the ‘buy’ link.  Grab one if you’ve got some spare change laying around the Christmas wreckage.  This one is certainly going to be a contender for your ‘Best of 2016’ lists.

The Details

- All customers who pre-order the LP version of Heron Oblivion will receive the album on Loser edition Clear w/ White Swirl colored vinyl, while supplies last (available until you read right here that it’s no longer in stock!).
- All pre-orders will also receive any and all pre-release track downloads in advance of the album release as they are made public, which will be available from your SubPop.com account as they become available.
- Customers will be given access to stream the full album up to one (1) month before release day from your SubPop.com account, with your pre-order of the album on any format.

Price $18

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