RIYL: And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Mastodon

Label: Greenway Records

Brooklyn metal trio Goes Cube have returned for the third and final album, and they want to go out big. ¬†Since 2003, they’ve been churning out post-metal skull shakers, but besides a 7″ release in 2009, they haven’t released any music on vinyl. ¬†Shadows Swallowed The Flood¬†is getting the wax treatment¬†for good reason, offering a collection of genre-defying tracks¬†mixing¬†shoegaze, hardcore and metal into a cauldron of awesome. ¬†On Strawmen, David Obuchowski shares the microphone with guest vocalist Zohra Atash, adding a soft, fleecy layer to the wall of crushing guitars. ¬†If Trail of Dead listened to more My Bloody Valentine, you’d get something similar to Goes Cube here. ¬†It’s a unique inclusion in the vast metal canon, and another exciting release for Greenway Records.

There was a ‘toxic waste’ variant that sold out almost instantly, but the ‘charred earth’ colorway is still available, and they’re limited to just 50 copies. ¬†Once those are sold out (and they will be soon), you can grab the yellow and orange splatter LP. ¬†They’re both insanely cool-looking, so you win either way. ¬†Listen to a track below and slide on through the ‘buy’ portal for the wax.

The Details

Charred Earth Vinyl (limited to 50 copies)
Metallic Silver & Black Swirl

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Price $25

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