Fuzzheads, it’s time.  Well, almost.  If you’re in the UK, rejoice.  Rough Trade’s your huckleberry for all things Fuzzy and deluxey.  Yanks, you’re either going to have to wait for the In The Red preorder or hemorrhage some extra Lincolns to get this thing across the pond to you.

One thing is certain.  Fuzz unites us all.  You may be a full-on metalhead, you may be a casual banger, you may enjoy crate-digging for dusty hip hop, you may be into Death Cab For f-ing Cutie, man, I dunno…but we can all put down our swords and our generalizations when it comes to the brass ball-swinging, amp-scorching, gut-blasting bluesadelic monstrosity we know as the MF-ing FUZZ.  They’re the tits.  Fact.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Fuzz updates.  We’ll make sure you know when the U.S. version drops.

The Details

LP - Double LP set housed in a Tip On Gatefold Sleeve. Limited to 400 Copies - Exclusive Rough Trade Coloured Vinyl Version. Comes with Download.

Price $43.42

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