Fuzzheads, it’s time. ¬†Well, almost. ¬†If you’re in the UK, rejoice. ¬†Rough Trade’s your huckleberry for all things Fuzzy and deluxey. ¬†Yanks, you’re either going to have to wait for the In The Red preorder or hemorrhage some extra Lincolns¬†to get this thing across the pond to you.

One thing is certain. ¬†Fuzz unites us all. ¬†You may be a full-on metalhead, you may be a casual banger, you may enjoy crate-digging for dusty hip hop,¬†you may be into Death Cab For f-ing Cutie, man, I dunno…but we can all put down our swords and our generalizations when it comes to the brass ball-swinging, amp-scorching, gut-blasting bluesadelic monstrosity we know as the MF-ing FUZZ. ¬†They’re the tits. ¬†Fact.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Fuzz updates. ¬†We’ll make sure you know when the U.S. version drops.

The Details

LP - Double LP set housed in a Tip On Gatefold Sleeve. Limited to 400 Copies - Exclusive Rough Trade Coloured Vinyl Version. Comes with Download.

Price $43.42

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