So when an album is called Gigantoid, what more needs to be said? Doesn’t that one word summarize everything? I was seriously tempted to leave it at that, to write the first one-word summary here at Sly Vinyl. But since it’s too late now, and there’s no turning back, I’ll just add this: it’s Fu Manchu, it’s new, it’s purple, it’ll blow your speakers and melt your face. So buy it. Now!

The Details

2014, At the Dojo Records

VINYL FORMAT. Comes on purple vinyl! Southern California hard rock main-stays FU MANCHU are back with new album Gigantoid, on the band's own At The Dojo Records. After almost 25 years together, and following last year's Scion A/V Club split 7" with friends MOAB and 2009's "Signs of Infinite Power," Scott Hill and company return with their first full-length album in close to five years. Recorded with Andrew Giacumakis, singer / guitarist for the aforementioned MOAB at his studio in Simi Valley, CA, the album features a slightly more primitive, raw and ultra fuzzed-out sound than previous releases.

Price $15

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