RIYL: Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Monster Magnet, El Caminos, Bong Hits

Label: At the Dojo Records

San Clemente, CA stoner rock gods Fu Manchu are reissuing their 7th album, 2001’s California Crossing, as an epic remastered 3 LP colored vinyl set. Demos, different mixes and unreleased songs take up 2 of the 3 discs with a new, heavier mix of the original album on the third disc. That’s 3 slabs of yellow, red and blue stoner rock awesomeness fit to blast out of your vintage Marantz setup after a long hard day of dirt biking or skating your neighbors backyard pool.

No word on the total number pressed but the band has 325 copies to sell through their website at the link below.

The Details


This is the 3LP / gatefold sleeve, deluxe 2017 reissue of our "California Crossing" release. One Lp is Red one Lp is Blue and the 3rd LP Yellow.

This includes the 1st demo we did for the release that has 3 unreleased songs and different arrangements of the other songs. This was recorded / mixed by Jim Rota / fireball ministry.

The 2nd demo we did that includes heavier / rawer versions of the final songs, with the song "planet of the ape hangers" included. This was recorded and mixed by Matt Hyde.

The 3rd LP has the final release which has been remastered this year for a fuller / heavier sound.

We have 325 copies to sell. This is also available from Cargo distribution in Europe and Cobraside distribution in the USA.

The "demos" will be available on iTunes on July 27th for download.

Shipping starts on July 22nd. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Shipping costs are more because its a 3LP set and we use priority mailing for a safer delivery.

Price $27

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