RIYL: Alice in Chains, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Sleeping Giant, Pseudo Mind Hive

Label: Copper Feast Records

Melbourne heavy psych 4-piece Foot have crawled out of their desert burrows once more with one goal…to lay waste to your tympanic cavity. Titled The Balance of Nature Shifted, the record is a response to our planet’s rapid technological and environmental shifts and its resulting suffering and angst in our culture. “This album isn’t meant to preach anything,” frontman Paul Holden says, “other than that is incredibly important to acknowledge your emotions, feel them and react to them in a healthy way.”

Think of Foot as the draw bridge connecting Kyuss and Queens’ woolly mammoth riff crunch and Alice in Chains’ alt-rock dissonance. It’s heavy, both lyrically and musically, but deep within the charred ruins and barren desert wastelands surrounding them, Foot finds harmony shining through the dusty cracks. Paul Holden’s stoic vocal fortress is a commanding presence, even up against the blistering ax assault from Pete Wallder and Shaun Stolk. I can’t even count the harmony layers on the tracks, but it’s absolutely f-ing immense. Headphones on, my friends.

Copper Feast Records is giving the record the proper gourmet treatment. Limited to a mere 250 copies and pressed at 45 RPM, this double album comes on “fire and flood” vinyl, slab 1 on blue with cream blob and slab 2 on milky clear with an orange blob. Listen to the entire album below and grab some wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Pressed on 'Fire and Flood' coloured vinyl - blue with and cream blob and milky clear with an orange blob. The vinyl edition includes an entire side of vinyl exclusive content, including brand new tracks and demo material. This one is for the die-hards out there...
Limited to just 250 copies, our 'Fire and Flood' edition will be pressed at 45rpm as a double LP and features an entire side of material which will never again be released on other formats!

We also have 4 ultra-limited test pressings of the album available to the fastest fingers among you all, as well as every order made before July going into a draw to win the last remaining test pressing of the band's previous album 'Buffalo'.
Expected to ship August 2020.

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