Coffin Dancer’s Pax Romana is a wee bit deceptive with its intro track. “Revolt of the Proletariat” gives off the typical post-rock atmosphere. Its first minutes are reminiscent of the first/second wave of post-rock with its leisurely tempo and undulating guitar riffs. Around the half way point, they start going “hard in the paint,” as the kids say. By Act II, “Another March to Calvary” again hearkens back to Bark Psychosis/the darker side of post-rock then once we get past that minute mark, Dave Lopez lets his gutturals loose and the band’s doom nature shows its true form. The way Coffin Dancer ebbs and flows out of these serene passages like a bat out of hell for the rest of the EP (this thing clocks in at over 40 minutes, so “EP” is pushing it) also brings Deafheaven to mind and Coffin Dancer were doing their thing before Deafheaven even existed. Pax Romana came out almost ten years ago, so you could say they were ahead of the curve. It was definitely a good move on Denovali‘s part to reissue this! Listen to Pax Romana below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Special "10 Years Of Denovali" Reissue - for the first time available on vinyl with a new layout and packaging. Having played some faster yet heavy-weight stuff in the past, this EP marked a notable change in the sound of Coffin Dancer. Slowly rolling parts make you rock back and forth while spreading a mood very fitting into this cold and gloomy Autumn. Definitely something for fans of Isis, Cult Of Luna, Red Sparowes, Omega Massif and the likes. This comes with new artwork and contains a bonus song which has not been part of the limited sold out cd release from 2006.

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