The queen of cold.  The mistress of misery.  The sovereign of sorrow.  Chelsea Wolfe is back.

Abyss is Wolfe’s 4th full-length, and is already being held as her heaviest endeavor to date.  First single Iron Moon is a pulverizing, crushing metal slow jam.  Its melancholy air contends with the gloomiest and doomiest forerunners in the metal scene including Pallbearer and Sunn O))), and the studio trickery on the track is just incendiary.  The guitars sound like they’re being tortured to death, screaming and howling in cacophonous unity.

Chelsea Wolfe, despite the heaviness, is still as provocative and listenable as ever.  Her vocal delivery transcends the sludge and the mire like a piercing light through a pitch black fog.  She has grown a substantial following of hungry collectors, and most of her material has sold out quick.  You have a choice of 3 different colorways, each limited to 1000, but the black and light blue splatter is exclusive to the website and her upcoming tour.  You may also choose black vinyl or opaque light blue.  Choose wisely, brethren.

The Details

Choice of 12" Black Double Vinyl, 12" Black & Light Blue Splatter Double LP (Exclusive To Tour and Online Store. Will Not Be Sold In Stores.) or 12" Opaque Baby Blue Double Vinyl.

Colored Vinyl is limited to 1,000 each. All vinyl comes with a digital download card.

This Item Is A Pre-Order And Will Ship On Or Around August 1st.

Price $25.99

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