RIYL: Thanatopsis & Mind-melting Instrumentals

Label: Ion Records

UPDATE 1/29: 3rd pressing variant available!

Limited Edition of 500 Red Vinyl 2xLP


Population Override is the twelfth studio album by Buckethead, and is his first full collaboration with keyboardist Travis Dickerson. The album is a tribute to the “great vinyl records of the ’60s and ’70s”,with songs more often than not drifting off into long bluesy jams.

If you are familiar with Buckethead, then you know about his technical prowess at shredding your brains, but this album represents a much more refined and pleasant experience that will keep you coming back to spin it again and again.

The Details

Digital download does NOT include vinyl bonus tracks. Digital versions of bonus tracks can be requested upon purchase of the vinyl version of this album.

Bonus Tracks:
Covert (from Cobra Strike)
Inferno (from Cobra Strike)
Braingate (from Cobra Strike)
CS-118 (from Funnel Weaver)
Blue Crystal (from Funnel Weaver)
Aluminum Clouds (from Funnel Weaver)

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