Far out they are indeed, hurling solid jams through the internet superhighway all the way from Guimaraes, Portugal.  Black Bombaim don’t need your fancy words to communicate the message.  What message, you say?  Not sure yet.  They speak an alien language composed of guitar fuzz, driving basslines and saxophones from the John Zorn handbook.  They’ve also accompanied their message with a physical artifact made of wax and oil.  Lucky us.

If you’re partial to blue vinyl and don’t mind paying a few more bucks, buy one of those on their website HERE.

The Details

Cardinal Fuzz and Lovers and Lollipops are proud to present the new LP from Black Bombaim - Far Out
"Far Out" is the summing up of all their travels, and the true identity of a unique band in Portugal. A band that bases its history on being on the road, while meeting different people and exchanging views and experiences. "Far Out" is an improved recipe, cooked over time in trial and error. Most of all, it reflects three guys who grew up together playing a certain kind of rock. "Africa II", as the title suggests, finds them in the mother continent and is an ingenious way to resume both the band’s legacy and career, as well as setting up an instruction manual for this kind of music. With virtuous Lisbon based Rodrigo Amado blistering the tenor saxophone with melody breaks and improvisation, in one song only Black Bombaim seem to converge various points of view in which we categorize them, such as explored by the likes of Maserati, Causa Sui, the indescribable Earthless and in a certain way, deliberate or purely casual, Electric Masada.
The second and final track, slightly sloping towards the Middle-East, is a clear demonstration of energy, following the challenge set by "Titans", their previous release. With the contribution of Luis Fernandes, aka "The Astroboy", the band mixes infectious guitars, dynamic drums and a dense bass with the Astroboy’s master touch, enforcing its modular synthesizer in the echoes and voids of these eighteen minutes of music.

So far, you have realized that I am biased writing about this band, but the truth is that Black Bombaim have returned with a new album. This fact alone will save a list of accolades for many people who have become accustomed, naturally, to the quality level of these three dudes. Paulo, Ricardo and Tojo, did it again. To conclude, I'll leave you with a sentence that I wrote in 2012 for the previous album, "Black Bombaim are the ultimate instinct of playing music on its primary spectrum, the skeleton and flesh of this album in blood transfusion with every guest'.
Manuel A. Fernandes

Printed on transparent coloured vinyl.

Portugese Friends please note Lovers and Lollipops will have this for sale :)

Price $16.71

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