In my life, I’ve asked the typical¬†questions. ¬†Does God really exist? ¬†Why are there no more music videos on MTV? ¬†Why do my fingers wrinkle when I take a bath? ¬†Never in a million years did I have the mental and metaphysical capacity to ask another fellow human being if they’ve ever seen the other side of the sky. ¬†So…has anyone?

I’m pretty sure that the members of Acid Mothers Temple have. ¬†I’m certain of it, in fact, because no one on this side of the sky could possibly have the cerebral magnitude to create this kind of transcendental batshit-crazy deliciousness for my unworthy eardrums.

If Jethro Tull was amalgamated with Ravi Shankar into Sitting Bull’s¬†peace pipe, and then stuffed with Frank Zappa hash while listening to L.A. Blues by the Stooges,¬†you’d get a bountiful lungful of this album. ¬†Did that make any sense? ¬†No? ¬†Perfect.

The Details

Coming January 2015
2XLP - 500 Copies
Gatefold - Red Vinyl

Price $35

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