In my life, I’ve asked the typical questions.  Does God really exist?  Why are there no more music videos on MTV?  Why do my fingers wrinkle when I take a bath?  Never in a million years did I have the mental and metaphysical capacity to ask another fellow human being if they’ve ever seen the other side of the sky.  So…has anyone?

I’m pretty sure that the members of Acid Mothers Temple have.  I’m certain of it, in fact, because no one on this side of the sky could possibly have the cerebral magnitude to create this kind of transcendental batshit-crazy deliciousness for my unworthy eardrums.

If Jethro Tull was amalgamated with Ravi Shankar into Sitting Bull’s peace pipe, and then stuffed with Frank Zappa hash while listening to L.A. Blues by the Stooges, you’d get a bountiful lungful of this album.  Did that make any sense?  No?  Perfect.

The Details

Coming January 2015
2XLP - 500 Copies
Gatefold - Red Vinyl

Price $35

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