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Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

I’m not someone who will try to convince you that you should buy any new Weezer albums. In fact, on most days I’d make the argument that if it’s not Matt Sharpe on bass then it’s not Weezer.

But one thing I will tell you is that this is one of the greatest albums of the last 30 years. Sometimes that’s hard for me to remember, because this band that I knew and loved turned into something so different that they retroactively damaged their previous greatness. I mean, Beverly Hills? How is that the same band that wrote Say It Ain’t So? or Surfwax America? How does Pork and Beans in any way compare to any single second of My Name Is Jonas or Only In Dreams*?

They don’t. They don’t at all. But one summer day in 1994 a cute redhead told me that I should listen to Weezer and my adolescent life completely changed for the better. To this day I still find myself attracted to bands making sounds like early Weezer. But listen to 21st Century Weezer’s musical output? I think I’d rather pass.

If you haven’t picked this album up yet, hopefully enough time has passed since you last heard Beverly Hills and like me you will think that this is the right time. It’s an MFSL 180g numbered copy on blue vinyl, and it’s guaranteed to sound gorgeous.

*Another thing about modern Weezer. When I’ve seen them they play Only In Dreams way too fast. The first time I saw Weezer that song made the entire room move in slow motion. It was perfect.

The Details

WEEZER CLASSIC ON VERY APPROPRIATE BLUE VINYL! It's even been remastered, so it not only looks great, but also sounds amazing. If you are or ever were a nerd of any sort, you probably know this album by heart. If not, you still probably know a bunch of these songs from the radio, mtv, or hanging out at your nerdy friend's house. Revel in mid-90's nostalgia with sing-a-long favorites like "Undone - The Sweater Song," "Only In Dreams," "In The Garage," and "Buddy Holly." Still sounds just as awesome as you remember it, over two decades later! Limited, numbered edition in gatefold sleeve.

colored 180 gram vinyl
limited edition
remastered sound
gatefold sleeve
numbered copies
music label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 2016

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Price $34.95

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