We all know and love Subpop, I guess via their little manifesto, they feel that RSD exclusives aren’t their jam. In fairness they have been around way before RSD putting our limited badass records. So I figure they deserve the right to feel cooler than RSD. Credit where credit’s due.

This compilation celebrates their 25 years of world domination. Badass artwork, badass vinyl, music – I don’t know, giving it my first listen on pitchfork right now. It certainly starts off by bringing the heat. Take a listen, let us know your thoughts. It’s a little unexpected that a compilation from subpop only sports one band I even know (peaking lights), but that’s probably a good thing, as I should probably know of these bands.


The Details

Sub Pop 1000 will be a one-time pressing of 5,000 on tricked-out colored vinyl, with cover art by Nathan Fox, a 16-page booklet and an MP3 download coupon. Sub Pop 1000 will be available at your local record store on 4/20/2013 (aka Record Store Day, though Sub Pop 1000 is NOT a Record Store Day exclusive), through this here Sub Pop Internet Shopping Place and at our 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee on July 13th. It’s also available digitally, for whatever THAT’S worth.

His Electro Blue Voice - "Kidult"
Chancha Via Circuito - "Lacandona"
Protomartyr - "French Poet"
Lori Goldston - "Tangled North"
Iron Lung - "A Victory For Polio"
Soldiers Of Fortune - "Money"
Peaking Lights - "Subterranean Brainblow"
Ed Schrader's Music Beat - "Radio Eyes"
My Disco - "Guided"
Starred - "Doomed"

Price $20

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