It looks like a run of 100 translucent red vinyl escaped my (I guess our, to an extent) clutches when I discovered this. Useless Eaters are a garage rock band from Nashville, Tennessee – the heart of the South, which seems to be a breeding ground for much of the garage rock revivalists you hear today. With Hypertension releasing this year, it’s odd that no publication, or blog, I follow has given this any attention. If you’re a fan of acts such as Ty Segall, White Fence, Wavves, Jay Reatard, and the like, you just might like Hypertension.  The album’s full of raucous candor, strident, sometimes nostalgic, guitar riffs, loud drums and heavily distorted vocals. The record still has “pre-order” as a part of the link, so I’m not sure if it still is, or the webmaster hasn’t gotten around to changing that yet? Pictured above is the mixed marble version of the record – the site doesn’t have the split marble version pictured. Give Hypertension a listen on the Spotify stream below.

The Details

Useless Eaters - "Hypertension" LP

“I recorded all of the other records in my room on a four-track cassette recorder,” Sutton said. “This is the first LP that was recorded in the studio, and it’s got a higher fidelity sound. Those other records have all had the same feel, but this one is touching new ground.”

1. A New Program
2. Moody Bitch
3. Addicted To The Blade
4. Death Gripped
5. Life On A Grid
6. Black Night Ultraviolet
7. Hypertension
8. Shapes Of A Mannequin
9. Wyte Girls
10. Smoke Alarm
11. Malfunction
12. Vertical Africa

*all LP's come with a digital download card and an 11x11 insert

pressing info:

100 Translucent Red (VERY ltd quantity remaining)
200 Mixed Marble
200 Split Marble

Price $16.99

Listen on Spotify

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