A honey coma occurs when you expose your eardrums to sweaty, pummeling garage rock.  Once induced, you enter a sedated utopian universe where the skies are bluer than mom’s special pills and the air breathes sweeter than the candy edibles bubbling and churning in your small intestine.

Fans of the swampy psych fog of The Black Lips and all of your favorite obscure nuggets from the 60s and 70s, this is a band for you.  Uh Bones give you the grooves, the dirty blues and a generous supply of blissful fuzz overdrive.

Randy Records is a label for the people, yall.  If you live across the ocean, he’ll give you a discounted shipping rate.  Simply email him at randyrecs@gmail.com.  The white vinyl has been fleeting fast, so make up your damn minds already.

The Details

Preorder for the debut LP by Chicago's most righteous and radical rock n rollers, UH BONES!!! Total pressing of 300, with 100 pressed on white vinyl. If you want to get in on that oh so sweet white vinyl, order NOW! First come first serve! Impress your friends! Enrage your enemies! Buy our other records too! Randy Records is the shit!!!

ALSO, no extra shipping is charged for any extra records ordered in the USA, so buy some more you dummy!

If you are not from the US, email randyrecs@gmail.com with your order and I can give you a cheaper quote! Save money, spend it on beer!!!

Shipping out on or around 17 July 2015

Thanks to Fieldiel Bloomdan for the tip!

Price $16

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