Hey guess what? Your Ty Segall record scores for the year don’t have to be over yet! Cool (Will they ever end? who the hell knows?!) That’s because Drag City’s got a special offer for you; one that you’ll only find in very select shops – if you find it at all!

The track-list is familiar. The artwork’s a burnt-eyed reminder of shapes we know so well. But it’s not Twins. It’s a few minutes older, and it’s Gemini.

Gemini is LP-only, no digital, and ultra-limited, reserved for those who most need to look inside. Don’t sleep as long as Gemini is in the world with you! It won’t be for long. In fact, Drag City is only gonna be selling it as a mailorder for a short period of time – like, say, just this week? Because they don’t have enough to go around, that’s part of the booty of Gemini. So drop your dime now ($18 with free shipping) and they’ll have it to you by November 19th.






The Details

Thank God For Sinners 3:19
You're The Doctor 2:24
Inside Your Heart 3:14
The Hill 2:56
Would You Be My Love 2:32
Ghost 3:28
They Told Me Too 2:35
Handglams 2:56
Who Are You 1:36
Gold On The Shore 3:28
There Is No Tomorrow :45

Conception versions of the Twins trax, available for the blink of a butterfly's mind's eye, but lasting for the eternities beyond that. Direct only, for the directed.

Thanks to My Middle Name is Alex for the tip!

Price $18

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