When most bands cut loose in the studio or strum around in the bedroom between tours, it doesn’t always come out that great.  When a band like Thee Oh Sees screws around in the studio, you make damn well sure that you’ve got the tapes rolling.  Want proof?  Castle Face Records presents to you the third volume of John Dwyer and Co. having a good ol’ fashioned dust-up for our aural enjoyment.  Is it an official studio album?  No…but since when were Thee Oh Sees ever gonna play by the rules?

Stream the whole album HERE.  There are a few different color wax options, but the rarest is the Ultra Clear with Strawberry Haze.


While you’re there, pick up White Fence’s live album.

Solid jams.

The Details

One-offs, covers, and rarities from 2011-2013 by Thee Oh Sees collected in one place for your fancies. The brightest most metallic chrome printing available to man, with three color original artwork by Shalo P. On colored vinyl the sticker denotes color configuration -

PINK - Half Pepto Pink, Half Coke Bottle Green vinyl (600)

PURPLE - A Side Grape Soda, B Side French Vanilla vinyl (600)

RED - Ultra Clear with Strawberry Haze vinyl (300)

(disclaimer - haze vinyl often feels "sandy" the first time you take it out of the sleeve...this is normal, just wipe the record off and play as normal)

CDs include an extra live track that couldn't fit on the LP, a medley of Destroyed Fortress/No Spell recorded at Death By Audio.

Price $16

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