RIYL: shredding your skin off with a cheese grater

Label: Castle Face Records

The time to hesitate is through. ¬†No time to wallow in the mire. ¬†John Dwyer and company have finally thrown their newest full-length up for preorder, #14 or #15 in their vast catalog. ¬†I lost count. ¬†It’s common knowledge among Thee Oh Sees’ fanbase that the band doesn’t sleep or eat, as those activities require too much time and energy. ¬†They expel their bodies into the grand cosmos of eyeball-slicing rock and roll, and as you guessed, there ain’t a minute to spare when you’re in the thick of it. ¬†You know how great they are. ¬†Shut up and buy it.

There are only 300 of the ‘bloodshot eyeball’ edition, and those will be gone within the hour. ¬†If you miss out on that one, grab the ‘murky web’ version, limited to 1000. ¬†Either way, you’ve got another Thee Oh Sees record on your shelf, and that feels pretty damn good. ¬†UK buyers, grab the record HERE.

Price $30

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