From Nottingham UK, Thee Eviltones deliver garage rock that could easily fit the soundtrack to any number of late-60’s mod psychedelic B-movie soundtracks…and I mean that as a compliment. Above mentioned “extras” are yet to be defined, but who doesn’t like a surprise every now and then? Better yet, this one won’t kill your wallet even with the overseas shipping.

The Details

Tattered, torn and covered in the blood of a thousand demons, Thee Eviltones are the fearsome four horsemen of Apocalyptic Garage rock. Bound by a love of garage rock and influenced by 60s soul, surf rock and punk, they provide a grooving soundtrack for stories of horror and terrifying dreams.

"In The Shadow of the Beast" is a 13 track artillery of savagely raw, yet soulful tunes that encapsulates everything Thee Eviltones have strived to create from their twisted sadistic minds.

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