The garages in Chicago are a raucous breed. ¬†Home to Randy Records, slangers of sludgy punk 7″ slabs, the windy city is carrying a lot of heart-pounding noise through its airwaves. ¬†One of those is a group of noisemakers called The Yolks. ¬†Similar to your first sexual encounter, a Yolks track is a sweaty, loud, pelvic-thrusting romp, and it ends quicker than you hoped in a heap of various body fluids.

Side B, I Wanna Be Dumb, is a crispy lofi punk rock treat, summoning The Ramones and that classic late 70s quick-riffed bubblegum. ¬†Side A, Don’t Cry Anymore, is a significant departure for the group and testament to their eclectic set of influences. ¬†If The Velvet Underground laid their heads on the opposite coast and substituted the brown stones for the blue skies and green green grass…it may have sounded like Don’t Cry Anymore. ¬†I’m also hearing hints of The Everly Brothers and pre-psychedelic beach vibes. ¬†Very choice as these gloriously mild summer nights quickly draw to a close.

These hand-drawn labels are no joke. ¬†Check out what they did on a previous release HERE. ¬†That’s love and commitment for the cause, boys and girls. ¬†For a measly $6, what are you waiting for?

The Details

300 records pressed total.
First 100 come with blank black labels signed with a blinging-ass silver paint pen by the man, the legend, RANDY REXINGTON himself!!! SO SEXXXY!!! WOW!!!!

Price $6

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