Somewhere in the foggy mountains of Switzerland lies the town of Geneva, and lodged in a garage somewhere inside the city limits are four skids called The Staches…and they’re about to plug in and wake the neighbors.  With the hip-shaking swagger of The Coathangers and the leather-clad cool of Link Wray, The Staches have effortlessly cooked up a noise both classic and progressive.  These 6 new tracks are the soundtrack to your last surfing days on the coast before the winds grow cold.  I don’t know if it’s because my volume is too high in my headphones or if these songs are just catchy as f-ing hell, but EP III is going to ring in your ears long after the final track ends.

It’s no surprise that the garage-lovin’ Burger Records put their EP out on cassette, but if it’s wax you crave, then head over to the evercool French DIY label Six Tonnes de Chair Records and grab yourself a licorice pizza.  Just be sure you’ve got some speakers that’ll handle the awesome.

The Details

12'' maxi single vinyl / 6 tracks / Cover and insert screen-printed on heavy weight yellow paper / 300 copies / Download code

Price $14.5

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