Somewhere in the foggy mountains of Switzerland lies the town of Geneva, and lodged in a garage somewhere inside the city limits are four skids called The Staches…and they’re about to plug in and wake the neighbors. ¬†With the hip-shaking¬†swagger of The Coathangers and the leather-clad¬†cool of Link Wray, The Staches have effortlessly cooked up a noise both classic and progressive. ¬†These 6 new tracks are¬†the soundtrack to your last surfing days on the coast before the winds grow cold. ¬†I don’t know if it’s because my volume is too high in my headphones or if these songs are just catchy as f-ing hell, but EP III¬†is going to ring in your ears long after the final track ends.

It’s no surprise that the garage-lovin’ Burger Records put their EP out on cassette, but if it’s wax you crave, then head over to the evercool French DIY label Six Tonnes de Chair Records¬†and grab yourself a licorice pizza. ¬†Just be sure you’ve got some speakers that’ll handle the awesome.

The Details

12'' maxi single vinyl / 6 tracks / Cover and insert screen-printed on heavy weight yellow paper / 300 copies / Download code

Price $14.5

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