Is your wallet hurting yet?  After Record Store Day, did you drive straight to couples counseling?  Did you seriously buy the Grinch soundtrack?

Well, lift your weary heads.  In the depths of the internet superhighway lies a record that costs less than a combo meal at Taco Bell (I’m just guessing here…I haven’t been to Taco Bell in like a decade, I swear).  It’s also a really good album.  Anyone heard of the Spyrals?  They’re takin us back to Pleasant Valley Sundays when the rock was roll and the acid was legal.  Fuzzy guitar solos, droned-out organs, raspy howls and sweaty garages.  Listen to the entire album HERE.

In the midst of RSD when 4-song EPs are $40, it’s nice to see a cheap piece of wax in the world.  Get one, and then get back to your couples counseling.

The Details

Out of Sight, the sophomore full-length from San Francisco's The Spyrals, takes the band in an exciting new direction. Though still steeped in their signature Bay Area psych roots, the eleven songs on this new album find the band exploring the glory days of rock and roll. Bringing in 12 string guitars, bayou stomps, haunting harmonica and primal chants, The Spyrals have found themselves in Exile on Main Street territory. We're so excited to bring you this true work of art.

Limited Edition First Pressing In Red Vinyl
Pressed on vibrant red vinyl with a special edition record sleeve.

Price $7

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