Norfolk, VA psych-punk band The Seeers have a nice DIY garage noise thing going on here with Early Songs. VA label Funny/Not Funny have assembled ten of their early tracks and packaged them up in 100 nice bright luminous translucent green cases just for you, cassette fan. Check out “Glacier” below and throw down that $5 if you decide that Early Songs would sound (and look) great in your own home tape deck.

The Details

Funny / Not Funny Records is excited to officially welcome The Seeers to the family with the limited cassette release entitled 'Early Songs'. Throughout the tape chords get crunched, vocal melodies float along with ease, and waves of reverb ebb and flow to create a perfect well balanced blend of psych punk and pop. Overall each of these two minute bangers are precise and leave you wanting more. No fluff, just the right stuff.

Pressing Information
100 / Translucent Green w/ Black Ink


1) Broom
2) In the Woods
3) Carrot
4) Glacier
5) Yucca
6) Blown
7) Texas
8) Without Lites
9) In Jail In My Mind on a Prison Planet
10) Hee Haw High

Price $5

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