RIYL: Paul Orwell, Nuggets-era revivalists

Label: Greenway Records

From Greenway Records:
Following the “In This Perfect Hell” album (released on Groovie Records in March 2017), “Dirty Needles and Pins” is the second album release of 2017 by The Routes, and their sixth studio album to date. As with the last album Chris Jack plays everything with exception to the drums, which are taken care of by Jonathan Hillhouse. Keeping true to form, “Dirty Needles and Pins” sees the band depart from a completely different point from where the last album landed.

Side A opens with what sounds like the mutant offspring of The Mummies cover of The Rangers’ “Justine”, and The Carnabeats “Suteki Na Sandy”, only this is no ode to Justine or the loveliness of Sandy. No, no! This is a warning of naivety, lies, betrayal and karma, sung with vindication. Yeah, “You’ll See”! “Ego A Go Go” sees the band in fun-poking freakbeat mode, sounding like the product of Don Craine (The Downliners Sect) jamming with The Pretty Things. We then go from egotism, to privilege and entitlement in the form of “I Ain’t Convinced”, sounding something like The Kinks meet Mudhoney. Next up is what could be a “The Wailer” or “Farmer John” style frat party stomper by the title of “Somebody’s Child”, but with lyrics that totally contradict the frat party vibe, summing up the lack of empathy, hatred, war and the state of the world we live in today. The A side finishes up with “Dysphoria”, quite possibly the first ever transgender garage rock anthem.

“All I Find” kicks off the B-Side. The psych switch is flipped, as is the depth and clarity in production, in contrast to the no frills lo-fi feel of the A Side. The organ riff and fuzz guitar interplay bring to mind Arthur Brown and The Doors, with the vocals conjuring the atmosphere of The 13th Floor Elevators. Next up is the pretty self-explanatory “My Hardened Skin” with its relentless driving rhythm section, which minus the vocals could be a fairly convincing The Fall backing track. The eighth and final track “No Return” sees the band revisiting the heavy pysch trip of the “In This Perfect Hell” album; sounding like a collision between Loop, early Spacemen 3 and Sonic Youth, with mind melting consequences. The album is topped off with equally mind melting artwork by the Spanish king of rock‘n’roll art Mik Baro! 

The Details

Dysphoria Swirl Vinyl - Limited to 60 Copies
Hand-poured Swirl of Pink and Neon Green
12" x 12" Lyric Insert
Digital Download Card Included

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Price $25

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