RIYL: persian rugs & heady nuggs

Label: Wick Records (Daptone)

Back in June of 2016, The Mystery Lights greeted the world¬†hand-in-hand with Daptone’s brand new rock ‘n roll sublabel Wick Records.¬† The blitzkrieg came quickly and unexpectedly, as blitzkriegs often do, leaving a lot of injured souls who missed out on the limited vinyl bundles.¬† Let’s not make that mistake again, alright?

Now, the sixties are definitely over, literally and¬†politically, but¬†The Mystery Lights are a part of a long lineage of¬†musical proselytizers who remind us that the spirit of that decade is far from dead.¬† In fact, it’s just as alive as it was in some Pleasant Valley garage in 1964 as the chords of ‘Louie Louie’ filled the suburban streets.¬†¬†It’s as¬†pure as any Nuggets-era obscurity and as heavy as any of your favorite proto punk compilations.¬† Tune in.

Wick Records has some delicious neon splatter vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.¬† If that colorway was a Jelly Belly flavor, it’d be called ‘Acid Fry’.¬† Check out the first single below!

The Details

Limited neon pink/yellow splatter vinyl available (1 per person) exclusively from the Daptone Shop‚ÄĒwhile it lasts! Pre-orders begin shipping 1st week of May.
Please note: this is a color mock-up and all vinyl varies from record to record.

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Price $20.99

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