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Awesome new garage rock album from Burger Records. I’m loving this first single. Can’t wait to snag a copy.

The Details


"Love Is The Law" is the 2nd installment in the saga of The Memories, our stoned tale of sex, drugs, and romance in modern America. Americana and marijuana. "Love Is The Law" is the direct sequel to the first record. It includes songs from the sessions that made up the first album as well as songs that were recorded later. We wanted the first album to be really short so that's why some of the songs got saved for the second record. Unlike the first album, which was recorded completely by me and Kyle in his old bedroom in Summer 2010, "Love Is The Law" features some songs recorded with Izak on bass.

All the songs came naturally, Kyle would write the music and I'd write the words. All the lyrics are about things that we know or do; convincing girls, female anatomy, cuddling, being stoned all the time, self-employment/unemployment, Star Trek, sex dreams, cellphones, heartbreak, penis size, cunnilingus, after parties, and past lovers. All the songs are written from the stuff I got laying around in my memories, fresh and old.

"Love Is The Law" is Summer nights drinking and making out on the playground. It's about having a lust for everything and believing that love is never far away. We want people to hear these songs and remember their exes. We want people to remember things and smile. To remember and to savor the flavor.

This album is The Memories. It's sweet weed, late nights, chill days, sweat, beer, tears, whiskey, women, and wine. Not a word in these songs are a lie and they are about real people and real places. It was written and recorded from 2010 to 2012 in different bedrooms, apartments, houses, and hallways, on drugs and in love with life.

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