Let’s cut the chit chat to a minimum on this one.  Bend your ears towards Western France for a minute, my friends.  The Madcaps’ perfect blend of surfy, psychy 60s jangle will undoubtedly hook your hungry aural gullets, and this time around…there’s only 20 of these morsels dangling in front of you.  It’s hopeless to fight it.  Eat up or starve out.

Again…20 copies.  Off ya go already.

The Details

Nothing to Do is our favorite cut from The Madcaps debut self-titled album also out this August. It is backed by the unhinged garage banger 'Haunted House' The hyper limited white square 7" is sure to instantly sell out with only 20 copies available!

Thanks to Sinful Sindre for the tip!

Price $10.95

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