It is absolutely staggering to consider the amount of great rock and roll music our ears have never heard.  Over the course of the last 60+ years, the task to find these buried diamonds has gotten exponentially more challenging.  That’s where Light in the Attic comes in.

LITA Records, our beloved rangers in search of rock and roll’s rare relics of yesteryear, have dug up yet another A-1 artifact.  The 1960s harvested an astounding quantity of choice garage rock, and The Kitchen Cinq (like the majority of their peers) churned out an ample supply of sweaty foot-stomping shanties, but couldn’t survive the beast we all know as the music industry.  Whether their hair wasn’t short enough or their hooks weren’t Beatles enough, it just never happened for the Cinq.  Until now, that is.

Feast your eyes upon the damn near complete works of the band, a 28-track manifesto…preserved in amber for almost 5 decades.  If you want pure garage pop at its source from the glory days of its reign, then behold The Kitchen Cinq.  Your blue vinyl awaits.

The Details

Color Editions:
- 200 on Rainbow Marbled Vinyl (LITA Subscribers Exclusive Color)
- 200 on Blue Vinyl (LITA Online Preorder Edition Color)- Compilation and notes by Alec Palao

Also includes:
- The Kitchen Cinq’s complete LHI sessions, comprising the Everything But album and non-LP singles as well as rare sides by the act’s earlier incarnations as The Illusions and The Y’Alls
- Fully remastered audio with three previously unissued cuts
- Extensive liner notes featuring interviews with Cinq members Jim Parker, Mark Creamer, and Johnny Stark, along with manager Tom Thacker and producer Suzi Jane Hokom

Price $23

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