Limited to 750 copies! Orange County’s Audacity and The Coathangars will have a split 7″ out October 15, 2013 on Suicide Squeeze Records.

100 translucent blue / white split – Sold Out

150 translucent blue vinyl – Sold Out

500 on black (unknown amount STILL AVAILABLE!!!)

The Details

Limited to 750 copies! The Coathangers are a relentless force. Not content to rest on their laurels with 2011’s sweaty summer classic Larceny & Old Lace, Atlanta’s roadwarrior daughters delivered a new split 7” every six months courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records. Previous installments have paired their no-fucks-given badassery with Puerto Rican partiers Davila 666, Canadian bass-riff maestros Nu Sensae, and Nashville vintage-rockers Heavy Cream. The Coathangers’ final chapter in the series has them sharing a slab of vinyl with recent Suicide Squeeze signees Audacity. Hailing from Orange County, Audacity perfectly embody Southern California’s polarizing elements of sunshine and urban density. While not exactly “Good Vibrations” or “Welcome To The Jungle”, Audacity’s split-exclusive “Earthbot” shows both undeniable pop savvy and savage fretboard awareness. For their side, The Coathangers pay homage to driver’s-little-helper with “Adderall”. Showcasing the grittier side of their sound while still maintaining all of their token swagger, “Adderall” is a fitting cap on the split 7” series that carried through two years of relentless touring across North America and Europe. The Coathangers/Audacity split 7” is limited to 750 copies (100 translucent blue / white split, 150 translucent blue vinyl, 500 on black) and is also available digitally worldwide on October 15, 2013.

**PRE-ORDER** will ship on or around October 8, 2013

Price $5

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