The Brian Jonestown Massacre sound like 1967.  With the influx of new psych bands these days, they also sound like 2015.  They do NOT sound like 1998.  What makes Anton Newcombe and his merry band of pranksters so intriguing is that they crafted a scene practically by themselves with little to no help from peers or labels.  Brit pop had disintegrated, America was drowning in frat-friendly rap rock and the first mp3 search engines began oozing into the cracks of a fledgling music industry.

Before the authenticity trends, before ‘hipster’ and ‘indie’ were household names, before the vinyl resurgence and before anyone really gave a damn…there was The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  They took a lot of drugs, they imploded (while the cameras were rolling), but they f-ing jammed…and Strung Out in Heaven still holds up nearly 20 years later.

Shockingly, the album has never gotten a reissue on vinyl, and a pressing of only 500 will most likely not last too long among Brian Jonestown disciples.  Enjoy the album in its entirety below and then stroll on over to Newbury to grab yourself a copy on smoky druggy clear vinyl.

The Details

Number of discs: 1
Limited edition of: 500
Label: TVT
Release Date: 12/11/2015

Price $16.99

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