RIYL: Black Lips, Allah-Las, 'Back from the Grave' compilations

Label: Wick Records

Insta alert. Kevin, Johnny, Tim and Patty of The Ar-Kaics are finally following up their 2014 debut with a sophomore full-length, this time on Daptone’s rock subsidiary Wick Records.  The Ar-Kaics wade in the waters of troglodyte teenbeat 60s-style punk.  They backstroke in the ‘proto’ gray area eras before these subgenres of rock and roll had names or rules.  It’s charming and fun, but keep your guard up or it’ll sink its teeth into your jugular.

Don’t know if yall remember, but when The Mystery Lights’ debut came out in 2016 on the newly-formed Wick Records, the colored wax sold out in a matter of hours.  No clue of quantity here on the beach glass color variant, but I don’t like to take chances when it comes to Daptone and friends.  Hot fire!  Click the ‘buy’ link for a 30 second clip of each track on the album and listen to She’s Obsessed With Herself in its entirety below.

The Details

Out October 26th
Pre-Orders begin shipping October 19th

Limited Beach Glass Color Vinyl (1 per person) available while they last!

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Price $19.99

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