Rise Above Records has something truly special for the psych garage crate-diggers this Halloween.  The Sorrows, a British freakbeat band from the mid 60s, have re-emerged…and sound uncannily amazing, as if they’re still a group of mid-20s hooligans rocking out their garage in Coventry, England.

If Captain Beefheart decided to form a proto-metal group and tour with Iron Butterfly, they’d sound like The Sorrows.  They’re a mix of everything you love about 60s rock obscurities, and Rise Above has 100 die-hard editions of their new 7”, so finish up that king-sized Kit Kat that you stole from your kid’s halloween bag and buy one of these beauties.

Here they are almost 5 decades ago:


And here they are today, better than ever, as if nothing has changed in 50 years:

The Details

Vocalist Don Fardon left the band early on and embarked on a semi-successful solo career, which included a top 5 hit with Indian Reservation I 1970.

Today, Fardon has re-joined The Sorrows and they are once again out on the road tearing things up. Find a Cave is a brand new recording (produced by former guitarist Roger Lomas) and continues to keep the early spirit of the band alive.

Track Listing
1. Gonna Find A Cave
2. Don’t Do That
3. Doin’ Alright Tonight

Price $11.15

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