This 4-track Scantron EP came out last year it didn’t make it onto my radarĀ until recently. These Delaware boys (Jimmy Scan, Billy Tron, Graphite George ) have put their own East Coast spin on 3 originals and a cover for their jivin’ little record. Particularly appealing are the Cheat Sheet Horns on both Side B tracks (including “Shot Down” by Gerry Roslie of The Sonics). Jimmy and Billy are best known for their work with Low Cut Connie and this release is as fun as that music. By the end I am hearing a lot more funk than punk on Palamino Blackwing, which makes me eager to catch these guys in a bar for a whole show some night. Released on Lazy Boy Records, this record comes in 6 color variants with matching covers. BesidesĀ a numbered box set containing each EPĀ (5 only), there are a couple test pressings w/ a unique Scantron coverĀ available on the Lazy Boy Records site at the moment.

$6 Six colors of vinyl w/ matching covers (limited to 150 total)

$13 Clear vinyl tour variant (limited to 100)

$60 Test pressing on black vinyl (limited to 5)

$125 Each box set includesĀ 1 of each of the 5 vinyl/cover combinations, 1 tour variant only available at shows featuring crystal clear vinyl and alternate cover image, and 1 test pressing with the numbered cover matching the number of the handmade box. Also included is a set of limited 1 inch buttons and a hand painted and numbered adapter.Ā (Limited to 5)

Thanks to Chris Stanley for the tip!

Price $6

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