Castle Face Records have released yet another amazing album, and it’s no surprise (at least, to me) that this release has an amazing vinyl pressing! RUNNING, the incredibly dazed-out garage punk band, have released nine new songs (totaling a miniscule 20-minutes). The vinyl pressing looks sick and it comes with a flexi disc of “Woke Up Applauding.”

The entire album is a manic burst of screeching guitars and muscular punk riffs clanging hard against your eardrums. It’s not too abrasive or too noisey, but it is very unrelenting and very incredible. Tracks like “Thanks For The Input” and “Why Can’t You Be In Running” are standout pieces of music in 2013. Although you simply cannot make out lyrics and can barely make out what you’re listening to, Running’s new album is the most fun record you’ll hear probably all year.

This is one of those few “can’t miss” vinyls.

The Details

9 new ones from Chicago's psychotic sons - screech on blast, phasers on stun, razors out and over all too quick. Comes with a download code. Colored vinyl copies come with a flexi of "Woke Up Applauding"

Track Listing:
A1: Thanks For The Input
A2: Wanna Weekend
A3: OoOo OoOO OoOoOo
A4: This Is A You Problem
B1: Why Can't You Be In Running
B2: Controversial PR
B3: Raven's Ca$H
B4: Endless Baggage
B5: Employment Vows

Price $17

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