Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records (seriously, best label name in the universe) has another ferocious lofi assault from the unwaveringly wicked noodle of Roy Vucino.  Roy has a good 15 other bands to his name and has graced every loudmouthed label from Hozac Records to Goodbye Boozy, but Red Mass is his outlet for far-out experimental mayhem.  Re-Mi-Si starts out with a boisterous metronome backbeat and a Plastic Bertrand style of French new wave, but quickly drifts into a scuzzy punk scorcher.  It’s territory most of the punk bands are afraid to tread.  And why would they?  Red Mass does it all for them.

It’s your ticket to crunchy galactic garage rawk, and it can be yours following that pretty red ‘buy’ link.  Black copies, limited to 250 (125 for each sleeve design), will run you $6.15 plus postage, and the randomly-colored wax will run $7.20.  Check out the two covers below and getchu some.

Red_Mass_front_2_website  Red_Mass_front_website

The Details

Limited to 500.

Two artworks by Roy Vucino (top) and Elzo Durt (bottom), black and colored vinyls.

Colored vinyl is mixed colors.

Roy Vucino's artwork comes with insert.

Price $6.15

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