RIYL: The Strokes, Twin Peaks, The Growlers

Label: Almost Ready Records

Hanging their hats in Providence by way of Pakistan, Rafay Rashid and company traveled a long road to bring your ears the rawk.  Now on their sophomore follow-up to 2015’s self-titled debut on Almost Ready Records, Ravi Shavi are ready yet again to give your frowns a 180 and get those nipples extra hard.

Ravi Shavi are cooking up an extra-fresh hybrid of great rock and roll.  You’ve got that salty, surfy vibe for fans of The Growlers and The Allah Las, the unkempt snarl for folks that love bands like Twin Peaks, and that perfect, shimmery guitar tone that Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valensi laid down in The Strokes.  All 6 songs race by before you’ll be able to finish your Long Island Iced Tea, but fear not, music lover…start that shit over and listen again.

Almost Ready Records has 300 red aural frisbees for your consumption after the ‘buy’ link.  Check out the entire 12″ below on Bandcamp and start a little momentum to get past the mid-week hump.

The Details

INDEPENDENT is the second release from RAVI SHAVI, six songs recorded in a flash in Providence, RI. Six postcards dropped to the gutter, six damp kisses from an ex-lover; here is the sound of getting older, getting wiser and abandoning it all for one last pass at the Holy Gas.

300 on Red Vinyl.

Price $14

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