Surf ‘n’ Turf!  Plantains (who has changed their name to Heaters since these recordings) and Os Noctambulos got together and released this split-album on the British label Stolen Body Records last month.   Plantains lean towards a psychedelic expression, with hot-tempered fuzz/reverb drenched vocals/guitars (think Night Beats/ The UFO Club).  Os Noctambulos has a cleaner, classic sound and adds a thick organ in the mix.  Both bands has a highly surf-influenced 60’s garage-sound, and fits very well together on this split. 6 tracks each on their separate sides equals 12 tracks of furious, classic guitar-work and vocals boiling with attitude.


The vinyl looks stunning, and is unlike anything else I’ve seen this far! The Half Blue/Half Frosted wax really takes both the split- and the wave theme to another level.  Solid!


The Details

Two bands, two countries, two colour vinyl. Half frosted and half blue. Limited edition run of 250.

Plantains (who are now going by the name Heaters) hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The play a rambunctious garage psych somewhat reminiscent of Nights Beats and Shapes Have Fangs. The energy is undeniable and contagious. Reverb, echo and distorted vocals over a driving beat and a classic 60′s garage guitar sound. You can hear surf influences come in and out of songs which adds a nice spice to an already super spicy meal. This is the bands first record release. They released Union (demos) earlier in 2013 which is how Stolen Body fell in love with them. This album has some of those tracks re recorded as well as some fresh tracks. They recorded it in the same studio as fellow Stolen Body band Haunted Leather – Amber Lit Audio studios.

1. Northern Blood
2. Fruit Basket
3. Wendy
4. On The Fence
5. Beach Blonde
6. Love Bird

Os Noctàmbulos hail from Paris, France. Their lead singer Nick Wheeldon is originally from England and moved out to Paris and started Os Noctàmbulos. We caught their set at the Liverpool psych fest and immediately got in contact. From the outset you can hear a heavily surf orientated sound. This mixed in with a raw 60′s garage feel, hints of country and tense on the edge vocals leaves you with something extremely original. The songs are catchy and Nick’s voice balances on the edge of madness whilst the music flows behind casually.

1. Damaged
2. Song For Oliver
3. Hand In Hand (with the devil)
4. Lizard In A Women’s Skin
5. One Mistake
6. You Make Me Mad

Thanks to Lars Sonic Seime for the tip!

Price $22

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