RIYL: freakbeat mod rawk n' rowl

Label: Heavy Soul Records

Here comes a no-brainer from across the pond.  London singer/songwriter Paul f-ing Orwell is back with another batch of pelvic thrusting freakbeat rock and roll.  You thought your summer was getting too hot?  Better peel off another layer then, ’cause Orwell’s scorching licks are coming straight for your sweat glands.

We’re big fans here at SlyVinyl, so if you frequent the site here and there, chances are high that you’ve heard of the man, but if this is your first introduction, bend an ear.  Orwell’s earliest singles like You’re Nothing Special and Little Reason had that cool leisurely swagger about them, conjuring up mid 60s juggernauts like Van Morrison’s Them, The Zombies, Help!-era Beatles and all of your favorite mod-flavored garage rockers.  His newest instrumental tracks, though, have thrown the Orwell formula into barbituate-fueled high gear.  It’s sweaty and dangerous, but it’s still dripping with hip-gyrating sex appeal.  Just be careful not to pull a muscle, man.

The preorder for these will drop Tuesday, June 28 at 9:00 PM UK time.  That’s 3:00 PM CST in the states.  Apologies that we don’t have a price for you yet, but it will probably be in between $30-$40 shipped.  The blue vinyl will be gone in minutes, I assure you.  If you want one of those, you’d better have your clicking fingers and checking accounts ready.  If the blues manage to escape your grasp, fear not, my babies!  Gorgeous heavyweight black vinyl, limited to 350, will also be available after the ‘buy’ link.  Whichever color you’re spinning, it’s gonna be a damn good time.  Getchu one!

The Details

"Organized Blues" LP 350 copies due July 2016
50 Blue vinyl, 350 Heavyweight Black vinyl

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Price $26.7

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