I wrote about Parquet Courts’ Light Up Gold as one of my first articles for Sly Vinyl and ever since then, it’s just grown on me more and more. American Specialties has this aura of mystery around it as there’s only two tracks available for streaming online that I know of (both are on YouTube) so you HAVE to have a turntable to hear what this beast sounds like. From the two tracks available online, this release is quite strange to hear – it seems like Parquet Courts was a completely different band on their debut. Andrew Savage’s voice lacks the anger and misanthropic shades like exhibited on Light Up Gold, and from the two songs that can be heard they have a common dreary vibe to them – it almost sounds like the band smoked some opium before playing American Specialties, which, oddly enough, was their demo tape. I guess this tired vibe Parquet Courts gives off on American Specialties is a bit fitting as it is dead week here in America… I’ve linked both songs below via YouTube so you can make your own judgments. Tell me what you think of these, and if you already own a copy of American Specialties do tell about the rest of the album’s contents. Cheers!

The Details

Play Pinball! finally got some more tokens to drop in the machine after over a year of basking in the unholy glory that is VIDEO--rising back with a nice 12" pressing of Parquet Courts demo tape that was released almost exactly a year prior.

American Specialties is a much stranger collection of recordings than their incredible (official) debut LP, Light Up Gold, but it's equally as pleasing. That awesome (but a little messy) tape was sent to Play Pinball's tried and true pal, David Willingham, at The Echo Lab in Denton to work his magic and boy howdy, this remaster sounds better than hoped.

1st press of 300 on mixed color vinyl - SOLD OUT PLEASE DO NOT ASK
2nd press of 225 on black vinyl
3rd press of 500 on black vinyl - COMING SOON.

Price $12

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