We did a write up on Anglo-French Paris-based garage/psych revivalists Os Noctàmbulos brilliant split LP with Plantains (now re-named  Heaters) on Stolen Body Records earlier this year, and now we see the release of their proper debut-album “Corsica Garden” via Evil Hoodoo Records on September 1.

These guys sound like they come straight out of the 60′s, with their classic, surf-inspired garage rock. Great licks, roaring organs and vocals that makes you wanna start a riot with it’s tense and edgy attitude.  This album is really a killer, and grabs a hold on you directly from you drop the needle on “Forever”, and doesn’t let go until it’s way past “Walk On” and has been popping dead centre on side B a dozen times!   Jeez, this is some genuine soulful stuff..

Check it out underneath, and be sure to pre-order it asap, as all orders thrown in before release are included in the draw to win a one of a kind signed Test Pressing!

This Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl also comes in official Evil Hoodoo handmade cotton sleeve.


NOTE! There’s still a few copies of the previous mentioned split-album on Stolen Body Records, check the original post HERE

The Details

Pre-order, released 1st September 2014

Limited Edition 12" Vinyl comes in official Evil Hoodoo handmade cotton sleeve (if bought direct from our BIGCARTEL)

All pre-orders get included in the draw to win a one of a kind signed Test Pressing

Price $16

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