Venice garage psych 4-piece New Candys, makers of dark surf psych chanteys, have wrapped up their latest medicinal endowment to our fragile eggshell minds.  In other words, new f-ing album, man.  Fuzz Club Records caught wind of their craft and teamed up to make one of their uber rare, uber collectible deluxe packages.  Some call it the new wave of psych music, but it’s more like a typhoon.  New Candys are in the middle of all the chaos, so if you have an inkling to add yet another piece of druggy wax and oil to your growing collection, trust in the Fuzz Club.  They know how to do it right.

If the international pricing is a few extra shillings more than you’d like to spend, pick up the standard black edition here for less.  That one is still rare and limited to just 200 copies.  You can also still purchase their recent split 10″ with Kill Your Boyfriend here.

The Details

Deluxe Edition 12" transparent red vinyl, limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Silkscreened artwork on black paper stock gatefold cover. Embossed stamped. Digital download card included.

Price $38.58

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