RIYL: Wooden Shjips, The Black Angels, Moon Duo

Label: Greenway Records

Detroit psych rock trio Moonwalks are gracing the birth of a new year with their first vinyl sacrifice to the world, and if there ever was a song to debut for our collective aural pleasure, it’d have to be A Little Touch of Gravity.  Built around a hypnotic krautrock rhythm, Moonwalks add dizzying walls of guitar alchemy, bass fuzz and sonic synthscapes for a pure concentrated dose of psychedelic euphoria.  Fans of Wooden Shjips, Moon Duo and My Invisible Friend will find a warm cocoon solace in Moonwalks’ formula.

The funfetti colorway, limited to 100, is housed in an alternative hand-printed sleeve by NYC artist Dan Curran.  Those will run you $12.  If fuschia vinyl is more your speed, grab that variant for $8.  As always, if you’re head over hells for Moonwalks, get both versions and save a buck.  Glide through the ‘buy’ portal and get strange.

The Details

The debut 45 from Detroit psych rockers Moonwalks. This 45 is the soundtrack to your next acid trip... Out on Greenway Records January 27. The EP will be available on 2 limited edition vinyl versions: Fuchsia purple vinyl (200 copies) & Funfetti Rainbow splatter vinyl (100 copies) with an alternate hand-printed cover by NYC artist Dan Curran. Check back for more photos & pre-order now!

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Price $8

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