Chad Ubovich and his band of hoodlums is proud to present the first full-length from MEATBODIES.  Brethren to Ty Segall, Ubovich is no stranger to the burgeoning California psych scene and also serves up the raunchiest of bass licks in our favorite fuzz rock band…FUZZ.   The Bodies Meat encapsulate everything you love about sweeter-than-candy riffs and gut-pummeling rock and roll.  Listen to Tremmors below and get yer mindz blown.

If that’s not enough, this thing is $15 SHIPPED.  Pat yourselves on the back, In the Red Recordings.  You’ve made a lot of record collectors happy today.

The Details

In The Red is proud to announce the debut album from the Meatbodies. Unabashed, unrestrained, beautiful and strange. Meatbodies, birthed from the mind of Los Angeles-bred Chad Ubovich, are going to dominate your eyes and ears and give you a bang over like you've never had before. First 200 on colored vinyl.

Price $15

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