Male Gaze are a garage & smut rock band comprised of MayyorsBlasted Canyons and The Mall, which probably also means they reside in Los Angeles, San Francisco, in between the two, or D all of the above. Male Gaze take the track “Cliffs of Madness” to the oil slick ruins of post-Jesus Babylon. Mark Kaiser’s heavy rhythmic bass lines pry through the air like the sting of a thousand man o’wars. Matt Jones patiently douses the track with fuel before lighting that sucker up on fire with his arpeggiated high-end distorted grit. All of this is held up with parades of ride and smashed drum heads courtesy of Adam Cimino.

“Cliffs of Madness” is backed with “Think Twice” and contain an exclusive mix for this release with one non-album song for the upcoming full length to be released on Castle Face Records coming up this year.

Fans of Gang of Four, Warsaw/Joy Division and Crisis (England) won’t have any problem swallowing this grimy coated pill. Check the track down below and excuse me while I go crack open a Sixth Glass.

Male Gaze ALbum

Special thanks to Mark Kaiser (Mt St Mtn) for the deets & missmaescookies ( for the gifted brew
Artwork by Ryan De La Hoz (

The Details

Male Gaze, featuring members of Mayyors, Blasted Canyons and The Mall. A trifecta of bad vibes: sheets of fuzz, feedback peeking out the corners, and a B+ Ian Curtis impression dress these diet pill pop tunes in your favorite sweater from 1996. Look for their first full-length on Castle Face this summer.

Impose Magazine review. Austin Town Hall review.

"For now, the requirement of all updates concerning Male Gaze include mentions of the trio's past affairs, which include The Mall, Blasted Canyons, and Mayyors. Catalysts of Northern California garage et al (seminal dukes, if you please), unite as a power trio for a new life that finds the three peeling back the bloody scuzz to reveal a buried affinity for pop tunes. Before the big reveal of a full length on Castle Face this summer, bask in the radiation of Male Gaze's "Cliffs of Madness" a-side to a Mt. St. Mtn. 7".

"Cliffs of Madness" careens down a narrow passage of the expected bleed of red lines, blasting with the hope of rendering ear plugs obsolete, and the catered service of appetizing pop sensibilities. Harsh reputations are upheld, but "Cliffs of Madness" sinks its teeth in around the moment Matt Jones drags out the refrain "one more time-aah-ime-ahh-mme-aah-ime". Sure there's a b-side in "Think Twice", but Male Gaze are sneaking suggestive language into the songwriting on "Cliffs of Madness" that will have you lifting the needle back to the beginning of side a." - Impose Magazine

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