Einfügen by Les Bicylettes Blanches hits you smack dab in the face with it’s unrelenting pace and dark mood. The songs swing from snotty ‘70’s New York City style punk rock to menacing psychedelic jams. It all has a sinister vibe, with singer Magnolia Santibanez seemingly taunting the listener with her echoing vocals. Check it out below –

The Details

Les Bicyclettes Blanches - Einfügen 45rpm 12"
Edition of 250 (White vinyl/Includes digital download card)
Release date: 23 OCT 2015

1. Ich Wille Deinen Namen
2. Cat Gut
3. My Garden
4. Hanging Here
5. Convenient Store
6. Pals and Buddies
7. My Baby Loves You

Edition of 250 white vinyl 45rpm 12"
Black and white professional covers and full-color lyric insert.

Price $18

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