RIYL: garage psych pop

Label: Greenway Records

Quoted as being recorded “during the night shifts of an enormous life dismantling”, Brooklyn rock trio Las Rosas have materialized yet again for a sophomore full-length.  Shadow By Your Side brims with irresistible garage psych pop melodies and hooks delivered with authority and muscle, undoubtedly a huge step in their growth since their 2017 debut Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want.

Lead single Christa throbs with jangly glam rock tremors, strutting along Jose Boyer’s uniquely unkempt vocal delivery and some dirty guitar riff tones that’ll make those chest hairs sprout their own chest hairs.  Can’t wait to the whole shebang in its entirety.  Grab a copy of the super rare ‘Rings of Saturn’ vinyl variant after the ‘buy’ link and add the purple vinyl to complete the collection.  Boom.

The Details

Rings Of Saturn (Stripes) - $23.98
Candy Purple - $19.98

GWY-042 Rings Of Saturn
Limited to only 100 copies!
GWY-042 Candy Purple Vinyl
Custom Poured Opaque Purple - Looks so good you can eat it!
Purple Vinyl will be available at your local record shops and here online, limited to the first pressing of 800 copies worldwide.
*Due to the nature of making a striped vinyl record, each record is one of a kind. The vinyl you receive may look very different from our photo. Striped vinyl is more prone to surface noise and imperfections.

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Price $23.98

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